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Guard the Gospel (DVD)


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Guard the Gospel is a multi-media musical that incorporates two readers and a narrator to inspire Christians to “guard the Gospel” (a paraphrase of Paul’s words to the young Timothy). It features dance, visuals, choir music and solo singing to encourage Christians to resist the strong cultural pressures that are coming on the Gospel with the introduction of a new, universalist ‘gospel’ that has little to do with New Testament Christianity. The musical urges its listeners to beware the contemporary question: “Did God say?” – the same question the serpent asked Eve in the Garden of Eden.

There is a clear presentation of the Gospel message, the power and centrality of the Cross and the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, with a strong call to repentance, which always results in blessing. The question of the reality of Hell is addressed, as well as the glory that awaits all those who name the Name of Jesus.

The musical lasts approximately 80 minutes and can easily be used as a morning or evening service for teaching and evangelism.