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The Day It Rained In Colours (CD)


Audio-only CD



The Day it Rained in Colours is a musical based on the best selling book of the same name. It concerns a land called Greyland where everything is …grey! Grey scenery, grey people, every day looks like rain. But the people don’t mind because they don’t know anything different.

Then, one day, a little Grey Boy sees a balloon in the sky. In the basket are three children and the balloon and the children aren’t grey! Impressed by the colours of the children’s clothes the little Grey Boy wants to turn Greyland into a land of colour. There follows the adventure of trying to do just that. It involves encounters with the Mayor, the Wizard and the Witch, before the people of Greyland realise they need the help of the Maker. Then comes the Great Storm!

The musical is full of fun, colour and action, but also has a very important underlying theme. It involves animation, visuals, dance, drama and song and is suitable for ages 5 and upwards. It runs for approximately 2 hours, including an interval.