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We have been writing and performing musicals for almost 30 years, and have a lot experience in putting on a good show! We have a large back catalogue of songs and videos of our past musicals, some of which are available to preview, and soon be available to purchase online. If you are interested in purchasing a CD or DVD, please contact us.

All productions written and composed by Roy and Jenny Etherton, except where indicated:

¹Written by Brian Gammage and Vince Cox
²Written by Brian Gammage

‘The King is Coming’ featured in Heart Publications!

“A stunning musical with a prophetic edge” – Heart Publications

Our catalogue:

2024 – The Book of Life (being written)
2023 – Dreyfus
2018 – The Symphony of Light
2018 – The King is Coming
2016 – The Day it Rained in Colours
2014 – Stargifts
2014 – Guard The Gospel
2013 – Majesty
2008 – Yeshua Messiah
2005 – The Trumpet Call
2004 – The Olive Tree
2002 – The Watchman
2001 – The Beatitudes
2000 – Heaven
1999 – SonLight
1998 – Jerusalem
1998 – Angel¹
1997 – The Word
1996 – The Dreamer
1995 – Stargifts
1995 – Daniel
1994 – Pilgrim²
1993 – Jonah and the Whale
1992 – Hey Joe
1991 – Stargifts
1990 – Pentecost
1989 – The Lamb

2024 The Book of LifeNEW Production

We are a group of Christians drawn from many churches in Tonbridge and the surrounding towns and villages in Kent.  Our aim is to present Biblical truth in an entertaining, encouraging and challenging way and our work has the commendation of the Christian leadership.  Our company productions involve choral and solo singing, dance, drama, narration and audio-visual elements.

We have been writing and presenting high quality musicals for nearly 40 years and two of our musicals have been awarded an international media award. We have performed locally, nationally and also in the United States and Israel. Our productions have been featured on radio and television. Our website www.absolutegospel.org includes further information, audio and visual clips from various musicals.

Our latest musical is called The Book of Life, featuring a choir, soloists, drama, dance and audio-visual effects. We aim to present this musical in late 2024.

Rehearsals are on
Tuesday Evenings 7:30-9:15pm at Christ church URC, High Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1SG
Beginning on Tuesday 26th September 2023
There is plenty of free parking behind the church in Sainsbury’s car park.

We will provide sheet music and practice CDs for each of the musical parts (1st Soprano, 2nd Soprano, Alto, and Bass). An ability to read music is not a requirement, just a tuneful voice.

Click on the image to download a flyerThe-Book-of-Life-A4
If you are interested in being part of the choir, contact Roy and Jenny Etherton Contact: 07549 830906 / 01732 364517

2023 Dreyfusa play for our times – Prejudice, Injustice, Exoneration

Captain Alfred Dreyfus was a French artillery officer of Jewish ancestry whose trial and conviction in 1894 on charges of treason became one of the most polarising political dramas in modern French history. Wrongly convicted of treason, he was sent to Devil’s Island off the coast of South America. Here he was imprisoned in appalling conditions for over 5 years. Subject to solitary confinement and receiving no replies to his conversations, he lost the ability to speak. There was cover up at the highest level and fierce opposition to his cause. In France there were riots as the country was split down the middle. Anti-Semitism became rife. The reverberations were felt throughout Europe. It ultimately ended after a great deal of personal and family suffering with Dreyfus’s complete exoneration.
It is an extraordinary story, full of unexpected twists and turns. It is not an exaggeration to say this is one of the key events in the shaping of European history.

The Dreyfus Case is an inspiration as to what can be achieved if we make a stand for truth and justice, whatever the personal cost.
This is a new multi-media play written by award winning author Roy Etherton. His work has been presented on BBC Radio 4 and other radio stations, as well as on television. Through musicals, his work has been presented nationally and internationally, including New Zealand, Israel and the United States.

Dreyfus is being presented at the E.M. Forster Theatre in Tonbridge, Kent on Saturday 28th January 2023 at 7:30 p.m., the day after International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Tickets are £12, £10 concessions with a student rate of £8. A free full coloured booklet will accompany each ticket. Further details can be obtained from www.emftheatre.com or ringing 07549 830906

A Witness

by The Absolute Gospel Company | The Symphony of Light

The Symphony of Light compliation album contains incidental orchestral music from several of our musicals.

The King Is Coming


The King Is Coming

by The Absolute Gospel Company | The King Is Coming

‘The King is coming’ is the latest musical in a succession of successful musicals dealing with prophetic subjects. Firmly rooted in Scripture it features a 30+ strong inter-denominational choir, soloists, dancers, actors, narrators and audio, and stunning visual effects. The musical lasts approximately 2 hours, including an interval. Not suitable for young children.

The Gift of Life

by The Absolute Gospel Company | The Day it Rained in Colours

The Day it Rained in Colours is a musical based on the best selling book of the same name. It concerns a land called Greyland where everything is …grey! Grey scenery, grey people, every day looks like rain. But the people don’t mind because they don’t know anything different.

Then, one day, a little Grey Boy sees a balloon in the sky. In the basket are three children and the balloon and the children aren’t grey! Impressed by the colours of the children’s clothes the little Grey Boy wants to turn Greyland into a land of colour. There follows the adventure of trying to do just that. It involves encounters with the Mayor, the Wizard and the Witch, before the people of Greyland realise they need the help of the Maker. Then comes the Great Storm!

The musical is full of fun, colour and action, but also has a very important underlying theme. It involves animation, visuals, dance, drama and song and is suitable for ages 5 and upwards. It runs for approximately 2 hours, including an interval.



Under The Stars

by The Absolute Gospel Company | Stargifts

A musical for Christmas. This is an updated version of the 1995 musical with new songs and a revised script.

The story of Christmas is told through the three Wise Men, who were probably astronomers of the highest order. The musical traces their journey as they reflect on the significance of the planets, the stars and the constellations in the heavens. Great use is made of the Scriptures, so that the birth of Christ can be seen in its prophetic context.

Guard the Gospel


Guard the Gospel

by The Absolute Gospel Company | Guard the Gospel

Guard the Gospel is a multi-media musical that incorporates two readers and a narrator to inspire Christians to “guard the Gospel” (a paraphrase of Paul’s words to the young Timothy). It features dance, visuals, choir music and solo singing to encourage Christians to resist the strong cultural pressures that are coming on the Gospel with the introduction of a new, universalist ‘gospel’ that has little to do with New Testament Christianity. The musical urges its listeners to beware the contemporary question: “Did God say?” – the same question the serpent asked Eve in the Garden of Eden.

There is a clear presentation of the Gospel message, the power and centrality of the Cross and the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, with a strong call to repentance, which always results in blessing. The question of the reality of Hell is addressed, as well as the glory that awaits all those who name the Name of Jesus.

The musical lasts approximately 80 minutes and can easily be used as a morning or evening service for teaching and evangelism.




by The Absolute Gospel Company | Majesty

A musical celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second on 2nd June 1953.

The musical is in two parts. The first act reflects on the supreme Monarch, the Lord Jesus Christ: His birth, life, death and resurrection and has a strong evangelistic tone.

The second act focuses on Her Majesty and the important elements of the Coronation Service, particularly the Coronation Oath. It has a strong dance and symphonic content, reflecting the words ‘Promise’, ‘Anointing’, Procession’ and ‘Coronation’.

At the climax of the musical, the dancers bring crowns representing past monarchs and particularly our present Queen and lay them at the feet of the King of Kings: The supreme Coronation!

Yeshua Messiah


Wheat or Chaff

by The Absolute Gospel Company | Yeshua Messiah

A musical for our times. A musical to make you think! A musical that asks the question: “What exactly do you believe?”

A surgeon draws a parallel between physical and spiritual health. He presents the challenge for the urgent need of salvation for everyone and then moves on to consider the unfolding of future Biblical events.

This is a powerful wake-up call and will not leave the viewer unchanged. The musical offers the wonderful hope of the Gospel. It equips Christians to help them deal with the days ahead and encourages them to look towards that day when Christ will come for them. The call to all is: “BE READY”.

The Trumpet Call


Sound The Trumpet

by Tonbridge Christian Arts Group | The Trumpet Call

A call to the Church to be ready for the signs of the age in which we live and to respond accordingly.

The script is based on the Book of Habakkuk, the Book of Numbers (Chapter 10) and the silver trumpets, which were used as a warning to the Children of Israel.

The Olive Tree


A Witness

by Tonbridge Christian Arts Group | The Olive Tree

A musical about the relationship between Jew and Gentile.

It traces the history of this relationship from the fall of Jerusalem in AD70, right up to the present day and beyond. It uses the words of the Apostle Paul in his letter to the Ephesians (Chapter 2), in which he talks about one new man and God’s plan to bring Jew and Gentile together.

This dramatic presentation also explores the truths in Paul’s letter to the Romans (Chapters 9 – 11) and the metaphor of the olive tree.

The Watchman


The Watchman

by Tonbridge Christian Arts Group | The Watchman

A call to the Church to be ready for the Second Coming.

Using striking images of walled castles and the Twin Towers, this presentation calls on the Church to watch for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and to be prepared.

It warns of the dangers of neglect and the subtle sins that can beset the Church, especially in the areas of relationships and religion.



When Evening Comes

by Tonbridge Christian Arts Group | Heaven

A musical about final destinations.

Set in an airport Departure Lounge, it raises the question of the eternal destination of each of us. The airline offers just two destinations: Heaven and Hell, with no return flights!

Through visuals, dance, drama, narration and singing it challenges the audience to consider their own final destination.



Behold Zion

by Tonbridge Christian Arts Group | Jerusalem

The musical traces the history of this unique and significant city, from its earliest beginnings, through to the present day.

It then looks forward to the promised return of Jesus Christ, when He will walk once more on the Mount of Olives.